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SUVs in the crosshairs!

BMW X6 M immatriculation andorre

Another additional penalty that is added to the Co2 penalty!

The weight tax must come into force on January 1, 2022!

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Here it is almost done! An amendment to the 2021 Finance Bill has just been tabled by the government aimed at proposing an ecological penalty on the weight of vehicles in order to condemn polluting vehicles. This time it is not the diesel or gasoline engine that is targeted.

What's in it? what is the scale?

The details of this text are now known. This new tax concerns vehicles over 1800 kg. This new penalty will be calculated on the difference in the empty weight of the vehicle and the basic 1 T 800 calculated. The difference will be taxed at 10 euros per Kg. For example, if your vehicle has an unladen weight of 2150 Kg, the tax will be 3500 € - (2150 - 1800) x10 = 3500

Another additional penalty that is added to the Co2 penalty!

Imported used vehicles will also be affected.

Indeed, like new vehicles, imported used cars will not escape, but will benefit from a reduction of 10% per year from the date of entry into service of the vehicle.

Other exemptions planned.

- Large families with a minimum of three dependent children will benefit from an allowance of 200 kg per dependent child. But this favor will only be granted for one vehicle per household and that it has more than 5 seats. You will have to advance make the payment in full at the time of purchase and then request a refund from the tax department.

- Legal persons and companies purchasing a vehicle with a capacity of at least eight seats will obtain a discount of 400 Kg.

- People with an inclusion mobility card are exempt from all this tax on weight.

- Finally, if you wish to purchase an electric or hydrogen vehicle or a plug-in hybrid car with a range of 50 km or more, you will be exempt from this penalty on weight.

The bill should be validated before the end of this year.

Registration in Andorra allows you not to have to pay this tax. The Platine Motors team will be happy to help you, contact us here

It is the Citizen's Convention for the Climate which is at the origin of this bill.

Very strongly reinforce the penalty on polluting vehicles and introduce weight as one of the criteria to be taken into account

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The objective in detail

We want by 2030, the vehicle fleet will have changed very significantly towards the gradual disappearance of thermal vehicles, which are the main emitters of CO2 .

To do this, we believe that the French should be encouraged to equip themselves with low-emitting or non-carbon vehicles and help the less well-off households to gradually change their vehicle. Actions exist in this direction, but they must be considerably accentuated.

Highly emitting thermal vehicles must gradually disappear and make way for a cleaner fleet (hybrid, electric, hydrogen). This transition must be supervised and supported. We refuse to grant populations with high purchasing power rights to emit greenhouse gases and manufacturers to still be able to produce vehicles with high emissions.

Our proposals also concern small utilities of craftsmen and traders (these users represent 19% of transport emissions), and more broadly vehicles of professionals.
We understand that the LOM law adopted in December 2019 provides for concrete measures to green the fleets of companies and administrations, but we believe that this is not enough.

Concretely, we offer a range of additional actions allowing to go further in the renewal of the vehicle fleet:

Increase the bonus for low-polluting vehicles, in order to further help households and professionals in their development;
In compensation, very strongly reinforce the penalty on polluting vehicles and introduce weight as one of the criteria to be taken into account. Exemptions for large families will be expected.
Ban from 2025 the marketing of new vehicles with high emissions; old vehicles that can continue to circulate;

  • Modulate taxes on insurance contracts according to CO2 emissions to encourage clean vehicles and encourage insurance companies to favor clean vehicles in their contracts;

  • Allow access to clean vehicles by developing long-term rental (electric or hybrid vehicles) with State aid. This avoids a large investment in one go and makes less dependent on the car;

  • Offer zero-interest loans, with state guarantees, for the purchase of a clean vehicle;

  • Act on behavior by creating green stickers to be placed on license plates for the cleanest vehicles and giving access to specific services: access to the city center, parking spaces, etc. These stickers will be a positive sign and visible to all (graphic annex of example provided by the support group);

  • To support the gradual transformation of the vehicle fleet (new engines, fuels, systems), plan a training plan for garage owners and more generally for the “oil” sector.

These proposals can be gradually strengthened but must be launched as early as 2021.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Download the CCC PDF on the subject

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

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Malus Co2 et taxe au poids - immatriculation-andorre

(Posted October 20, 2020)

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