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(LTR) Long Term Rental

Long-term rental, how does it work?

The LTR is a contract that allows you to rent the vehicle without worrying about the resale of the vehicle. The gray card (yellow card in Andorra) is in the name of the lessor, in this case Platine Motors . The vehicle therefore belongs to our company which is based in Andorra, the legislation is therefore that of Andorra. Registering your vehicle abroad is therefore not prohibited !

What are the advantages of an LTR in Andorra?

The advantages are manifold. Here are a few examples:

  • A gray card at a fixed price, (no criteria of fiscal power)

  • No TVS ( tax on company vehicles )

  • 4.5% VAT

  • No ecological penalty on Co2 (eco-penalty)

  • No weight tax ( read our article )

  • No regional tax

  • No road tax

  • No additional tax

Plaque Andorre - immatriculation-andorre

But still :

  • Customizable license plate

  • Anonymity preserved

  • No exchange of information between foreign authorities

  • Elusive vehicle

  • Quick registration

What are the acceptance criteria?

There is no special criteria here it is only to be solvent, to hold a driving license in due European or Andorran form.

What are the financial conditions?

When choosing the vehicle and its amount, a guarantee request will be necessary. This amount may vary depending on the case and the duration of the contract. This can vary from 12 to 36 months or even 48 months in some cases.

Other particularities:

Renting from Platine Motors has other advantages unlike a traditional financial organization . Indeed, if you wish to stop during the contract for another type of vehicle, we are able to study the file in order to best meet your request.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In summary, Renting at Platine Motors is:

  • Savings

  • A registration with Andorra plates

  • Contract flexibility

  • Security

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Plaque personalisable - immatriculation-andorre
Plaque d'immatriculation Andorre - Platine Motors
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